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In case you give a stuff…

…Some stuff about us.
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Full Circle Arts is an arts organisation that is led by disabled people. We do all sorts of arts stuff. We’re based in Manchester, but do our stuff nationally. We like to provide creative solutions to inclusion in all aspects of the arts. We are always at our best when sharing ideas and creating with others.

We’re only small, but passionate about what we do.

The 4 of us (1 part-time 3 full-time) love our jobs and the people we work with. Because we’re small often we all finish up doing a bit of everything, but broadly speaking this is the stuff each of us does.

(Chris Hammond Full-time) Chris is our Artistic Director – so she directs artistically! Well she does a fair bit of admin stuff truth be told, she raises funds, she devises projects and with our Board she plans the work we will be doing over the next few years. Some people call this our Business Plan. She goes to a fair number of meetings, she delivers training and makes presentations and writes stuff (badly) her training being as a visual artist. (Chris likes faffing in her spare time, especially faffing in a Moleskin in Photoshop or on T’interweb)

(Jade Anson Full-time) Jade is our Supreme Digital Social Media Overlord, she does most of our social media stuff, all our main website stuff, looks after our artists on the phone, she writes our newsletter and she tends to tweet and blog more than the rest of us. (Jade likes wine tasting in her spare time)

(Vicki Mc Corkell Full-time) Vicki is our Professional Development and Mentoring Coordinator. She helps people ‘develop’ themselves. She is a great listener, uses coaching techniques and devises and generates some great innovative schemes with our Young People. Vicki is often out of the office, either with an artist, one of our young people or meeting with an arts organisation. (Vicki likes going to festival’s and making food look pretty on plates in her spare time. She is often found living in her teepee, or dancing just outside it. She’d would have liked to have been a full-time hippy had she not chosen this career).

Kathryn Worthington is our Administrator, she works 2 days a week administrating FCA with the power of Miss Marple and Quick Books. Kathryn’s first degree was drama and her passion is acting having starred in two episodes of Emmerdale and 1 episode of the Royal Today!! The days she’s not working with us she’s running around like a headless chicken doing a law degree while co-ordinating 24/7 theatre festival and trying to keep track of the cups her husband leaves in the cellar!

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  1. October 5, 2009 9:56 pm

    Dear Chris, Jade, Vicki, Kathryn and Ray,

    I am organising a bloggers meetup in Manchester on Thursday evening. Would you be interested in coming along?

    I can send you more details if of interest.

    Kind regards,

    Krista x

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