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February 29, 2012


image of a shed with the words hackshack written on it

a full circle arts project


Do you get frustrated with using, doing or making something because nobody thought of your needs when designing a product?

Do you want to create something but get annoyed that doing so is un-necessarily difficult for you?

Tell us…

It could be anything, for example; if I want to film something, as a wheelchair user, it’s impossible to move and hold the camera/my phone at the same time.

It would be nice, if the problem you tell us about is with doing or taking part in a creative activity, but it doesn’t have to be, it could be something everyday like opening a Tetra pack.

Full Circle Arts have got three highly creative, makers, inventors, hackers, tinkerers together to work with us to solve some problems and address your design needs in our Hackshack…

Dave Murray-Rust is a scientist and creative technologist with an interest in the interactions between people and technology. As well as cutting edge interfaces and kinetic sculpture, he has created technological interventions for and with disabled people.

Matthew Venn is a full time professional inventor and maker. As well as making cool stuff like the polargraph energy monitor, maze puzzle box and snowflake simulators, he is a great science communicator; designing and delivering science workshops to thousands of children worldwide.

Stuart Childs is a creative technologist with a passion for fun and arty projects. Past projects include FriiSpray, an open source virtual graffiti project and LED scratchies – small customisable lights that anybody can make. He enjoys taking new challenges and designing solutions for problems, making sure there’s tea to hand and fun to be had along the way.

As a team, they are looking to solve your problems with their creative and technological experience. They are looking for things that may be difficult for you on a day-to-day basis, something that annoys you about how objects are designed for the ‘average person’ (if such a thing exists), or similar issues.

So, we want you to submit your problems, no matter how big or small and we will review the submissions to see which, and how many problems we can solve in a weekend of full on hacking, designing, prototyping and experimenting. The more information you can give us, the better – so submit photos, drawings / diagrams, words to describe your ‘problem’ so we can understand what you want.

Although we have got three wonderfully creative people, they are not miracle workers, and we do not have access to unlimited resources, but as well as being creative, they do have plenty of experience in designing stuff and working together on technological projects.

Your problem/ideas should be submitted in any format, pictures, text, film, audio to us at Full Circle Arts email info ‘at’ or via snail mail to Hackshack, Full Circle Arts, 7 Schoolhouse, Second Avenue, Trafford Park Village, Manchester. M17 1DZ

By 12 noon on Thursday the 22 March, 2012.

We will then get our heads together to see which problems we can work on.

All ideas and submissions will be published on our website (you never know if we can’t solve it someone may be interested in doing so).

The Process

Out of all the submissions we will select 2 to 3 problems/design needs that we think we can work on. Then, if your submission is selected, on the 18th April we will bring you together with the team for half a day for a chat, a brew or two, and working together to make sure we’ve got a good idea of what you want. The team will then beaver away for 2/3 days in the ‘hackshack’ working on designs.

We will then bring you and the team back together for half a day on Saturday 22nd April, to test things out, get feedback, review, etc. The team will then spend another day finalising and testing the final product / prototype. You will then have a prototype product, which we would love you to keep. We hope you will test it and report back to us on any snags, good points and usability.


Full Circle Arts • 7 Schoolhouse • Second Avenue • Trafford Park Village • Manchester • M17 !DZ • Email info ‘at’ • Twitter @full_circle_art

Telephone 0161 872 0326

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