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Young Artist Development Programme

February 10, 2012

May 20011 to May 2012

‘A twelve month arts development opportunity for 18 to 30 year olds who want to progress in further arts participation, training, education and a career in the arts

YAD Update February 2012

Today we continue to bring you some of the learning activity that occurs in between our monthly sessions.

Arts Award
Training and Development
Professional Development
Artists and Participants involved

Our posts in January focused on the Arts Award and shared further reflections on some of the external training and development activity the group have accessed during their time on the Young Artist Development Programme.

Today we return to reflect on

Professional Development

But first a huge congratulations to Jared who recently gained a place on the Vodafone World of Difference Programme. You deserve it Jared and a massive well done from all of us at Full Circle Arts. We look forward to supporting your placement.

Jared says;

Thoreau once said ‘This world is but a canvas to our imaginations’, securing a place on the Full Circle Arts Artist Development Programme can be likened to that of being given the keys to a paint or candy shop even. Since which I have been feasting on a buffet of cultural delights, frantically throwing paint on my very own canvas. The result a sweet tooth and a place on the Vodafone World of Difference programme, enabling me to focus on developing The Art of Social Change Award & Breaking Barriers.

The idea of Breaking Barriers is to develop an independent grant giving body funded by volunteer led events and commercial activities, which disadvantaged and disabled creative practitioners can apply for small financial grants to ameliorate hardship through supporting their creative aspirations by helping access workshops and professional development opportunities. The purpose behind Breaking Barriers is to raise the profile of the North Wests emerging and established creative culture, to help financially disadvantaged & disabled creative practitioners realise their aspirations and fulfill their potential.

There is art to social change and there are a special few who are at the contemporary creative heart of it. The Art of Social Change Award will be developed to recognize creatives from around the North West who often get overlooked & play a vital role in the community, exposing individuals to different creative pathways, helping bridge the gap between skill development, culture, art and the community. The Art of Social Change Award will help raise the profile of the North West’s leading creative change makers, who use creativity to influence and help the world around them and utilise creative mediums such as dance, photography & spoken word as a catalyst to engage young people and their communities in positive and progressive opportunities.
To Find Out more about the World of Difference Programme

Visit –

Professional Development

The Young Artist Development programme offers one to one Professional Development Planning sessions to participants who are pursuing a career in the creative sector.

Over the year participants can access up to eight hours of one to one PDP time.

Our sessions are traditional based around coaching practice and principles. We facilitate a space to assist thinking around self and development; Using The ‘GROW’ Model (Sir John Whitmore) exploring Goals, Reality and Options to arrive at a Way Forward all set by the individual, tapping into the knowledge, strengths, ideas and resources they have already.


Depending on individual requests, needs and goals, the sessions can either take on the formal structured and clean coaching process working in a more focussed learning environment, or offer a more informal sounding-board session where suggestions are asked for, guidance is welcome but again we see creative thinking, idea generation, and a way forward being highlighted before the end of the time.

Access to sessions at times can be difficult, and therefore we are flexible in offering PDP online, over Skype or telephone.

Genevieve shares some of her experience of the YAD programme and PDP.

Hello there, I’m Genevieve. I joined the YAD scheme because wanted a more focused career path as I have an interest in several areas of the arts but always felt to be starting out and not really moving on.

Through the group sessions, we have worked with various arts organisations and practitioners who have introduced us to useful ways of thinking about how we market ourselves, what we want from our work, how to use networking and problem solving around barriers.

Also, I have used the contacts made through Full Circle Arts to further my work experience and get to know possible employers. Each member of the group has also been a contact and provider of support. One of the things I have enjoyed most about the scheme is talking with others and giving advice based on my past experiences and current knowledge.

The scheme has given me support with decisions and advice on things to consider through the group meetings and the one to one PDP sessions. The PDP sessions are particularly helpful in that it’s a chance to air thoughts and organise them in a way that breaks long term or bigger project goals into steps that give you a clearer journey and the confidence to try. It gives you a chance to talk through your working practice to make improvements and assess your current situation to prioritise aims. Often I have gone into a session with an idea in my head but then talk through the planning and actually making the idea real and exist as a project, it might be that I need to change aspects or suspend the project until I have better skills, knowledge or contacts to make the idea a success. This is the best part for me, being allowed to try and fail. Making mistakes and learning from them with guidance and support means I get more done and gives me the confidence to move on and do more. Through this you realise what your development needs are and it’s a chance to discuss what learning opportunities or experiences would be useful and any difficulties there might be in accessing these.
I’m currently focusing on film production skills and am involved in two projects which will hopefully give me useful experience and contacts. I have also enrolled on an Open University digital film course, which I have been able to access as part of the YAD programme. This course will give me the skills I need to start out on my own and a platform to show my work and receive useful and helpful criticism.
Through this I will start to build a portfolio which I can use to seek employment.

Without the support of the Full Circle Arts YAD programme, both financial and personal, I wouldn’t have been able to do this.


If you are an arts organisations who run training and development events, courses or workshops that the participants on the YAD programme might be interested in, please do keep us posted of any up and coming opportunities or events you might be planning.
We will continue to post info about our sessions here and on twitter.

You are welcome to join us. Professional artists and organisations may have some links, info, opportunities and advice to pass on to the group; other young emerging practitioners are welcome to join the conversation here. Follow @full_circle_art    #fcaYAD

If you have any questions regarding our Young Artist Development Programme please contact

vicki ‘ at ‘

Note: Vicki McCorkell is no longer a permanent member of staff at Full Circle Arts. Vicki will be working freelance to manage the Young Artist Development Programme until August 2012.  If your enquiry is regarding the Young Artist Development Programme Vicki will reply to you during her working days of Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If your enquiry is regarding anything else, please get in touch with Full Circle Arts. info ‘ at’

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