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Full Circle Arts Young Artist Development Programme

December 16, 2011

YAD update – December 10th

Last Saturday we held another YAD meeting. This time we were off programme and used the time to have a Christmassy get together. The day was extremely relaxed and took place at Full Circle Arts offices, this meant we were able to take advantage of the space, create break out areas for Research, Social Media, Blogging and Arts Award.

It was a chance for us to meet before the Christmas break, catch up with parts of the programme that required some attention and for the group to deliver a ten minute presentation.

People were provided with a space to revisit their blogs, update them, learn more about twitter and it’s uses, research training and development opportunities, feedback on work they have done outside of the sessions and continue with peer support and sharing of work.

In today’s post we bring you Monique Jarrett’s presentation:

Why I am on the Full Circle Arts YAD Programme

  • I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do
  • I wasn’t sure how to move forward after my studies
  • Did not know how to push myself
  • Was of being the only one not knowing what I wanted
  • Wanted to set goals and achieve something I loved doing and proud of

Through Monique’s presentation she discussed how she felt she was at a turning point, had a strong interest in the arts but wasn’t sure what direction she wanted to take. Monique felt that one to one Professional Development sessions really supported her to consider where she was and the area she wanted to progress in.

Monique highlighted, she has not only identified specific goals but has also moved forward in achieving what she wanted to do.

Working with a group of peers from a variety of creative practices who all wanted to pursue the arts at various levels has been encouraging. Monique felt they could all share and learn from one another whether their reasons for being on the programme was to learn more about the arts and participate in further arts activity, concentrate on their education and training or to support their career development. They were all there to progress in the arts and creative industry.

“Networking is a great tool to Promote yourself”

From the first session at Blank Media Collective, there was a discussion about how we as artists could make use of social media as the best way of promoting ourselves. From that I started using Facebook business page, set up a Blog and promote both through Twitter.

My WordPress blog for my jewellery in which I show some of my latest pieces and events I have been doing.


This is my Facebook business page in which I show my latest pieces and have links to my website.


Twitter: This is Where I promote my FB, Blog and Website, it is so quick and easy and reaches so many people in seconds. For me it’s free advertisement to the world and perfect for any business.


Monique felt it was important to mention how she has learnt how to use all these platforms together and has a real purpose for their use, they are a work in progress and time has allowed easier management. She finds all of them serve a purpose, however she finds the most traffic to her website is currently through Facebook.

One Blog session leads to another

After our Blogging session hosted by Blank Media Collective at Blankspace, facilitated by Fat Roland ( winner of Manchester Blog Awards 2010) I wanted to continue giving consideration to my blog. I wanted to know more and know exactly how to create my blog, as I had a wordpress site and our session explored Blogger I knew I needed follow up. I am also in a media group with the Cornerhouse, so I attended another session on Blogging where they helped me work out WordPress and later attended another session at Cornerhouse where they spoke about the best platforms to use for certain content.

I have found that having a blog is so much more useful to promote my pieces, quick and easy to upload photos and text and still looks professional.

Through all of these sessions I have managed to create and improve my blog.

How Session 3 of FCA YAD helped me with an up and coming event.

In month three we had a session based on Professional Development and Idea generation, facilitated by Rivca Rubin.

Which introduced us to different thinking techniques that can be used to help visualise our future goals, plan for work and generate ideas.

From this session I took away a physical exercise task based on Compelling Futures, we were asked to visualise a place in the future where we wanted to be, or something we wanted to achieve. Previous to this I had been asked if I would consider doing a mini stall at an event and I wasn’t going to go through with it as I didn’t feel like I had the confidence within myself. From visualising me successfully running a stall at the event and taking myself to that place I was able to run the stall at the conference, it was a huge success!


Creating an Artist Statement made things clear

In session five we had to create an artist statement, which is a description of what you have done and are doing as an artist or creative practitioner, promoting yourself to your audience in a formal and clear way. Having to write out whilst getting a lot of help from John at Blank Media to make my statement sound as appealing as possible, it made everything much clearer in terms of what I was working on and towards. It most of all gave me confidence in myself and my work.

Critique is just what I needed

In session six based on Critique I really needed to get some feedback on my pieces, my website and my blog. I have wanted feedback both good and bad but had never really received any, so when I got feedback on my blog and website I was so thankful. Taking on bored all the comments I received I have now changed many things on my blog and some changes to my website.

How I have used the individual training and development budget so far

From the funding that is available for us to access external training, development pr workshop activity that will support our arts development and expand our skills, I did some research into a variety of jewellery making classes and course and recently I was able to take part in two workshops. I enjoyed them so much. The first class was for a beginners class in Beading and I took part in this class to perfect my skill and technique. The second was on Vintage Stamps which is hammering metal stamp letters and using other tools on vintage brass to make pendants.

I was a little sceptical about the first class as even though I had only learned and mastered the basics in jewellery making through youtube videos, books and jewellery making channels, I wasn’t sure I would learn much more so entered the class to perfect what I already knew. However during the class I learned so much more, such as tricks of the trade and quicker more professional ways of making the jewellery which means I can now make more pieces in a shorter space of time for selling.

The Vintage Stamping class was completely new to me and after this class I am wanting to sign up for as many as possible to gain even more skills. After making pieces of my own design in class I published photos of them on my facebook business page. I received requests for these pieces within an hour.

Monique added she had really benefited from working with others who had an interest in her field, was introduced to new materials, tools and techniques. Once she has invested in some new tools she will be able to create new pieces and reach the demand for this product.

Monique completed her presentation by showing the group some of her new pieces of work. Again she received much positive feedback about her product and the updates she has recently made on her Blog site.



Twitter. @roidmj

FB page.

We will continue to post info about our sessions here and on twitter.

You are welcome to join us. Professional artists and organisations may have some links, info, opportunities and advice to pass on to the group; other young emerging practitioners are welcome to join the conversation here. Follow @full_circle_art    #fcaYAD

If you have any questions regarding our Young Artist Development Programme please contact

Note: Vicki McCorkell is no longer a permanent member of staff at Full Circle Arts. Vicki will be working freelance to manage the Young Artist Development Programme until August 2012.  If your enquiry is regarding the Young Artist Development Programme Vicki will reply to you during her working days of Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If your enquiry is regarding anything else, please get in touch with Full Circle Arts.

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