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Full Circle Arts Young Artist Development Programme

October 20, 2011

May 20011 to May 2012

‘A twelve month arts development opportunity for 18 to 30 year olds who want to progress in further arts participation, training, education and a career in the arts”

Session 6 – Saturday October 8th

Session 6: Thanks again to Blank Media Collective for hosting and facilitating our sixth session on the Young Artist Development Programme. A session on Critiquetook place on the 8th October back at BLANKSPACE.

blankmedia logo

Blankmedia logo

The session explored Critique, what we mean by Critique, ways of approaching Critique and the importance of Critique for the ongoing development of our work.

John Leyland and Chris Leyland at Blank Media created a positive learning environment that encouraged a sense of sharing and support.

The day began with an informal discussion about the word itself and how it fits into our own practice.

A photo of the young people on the Young Artist Development Programme

Young Artist Development Programme

Some people were more familiar with Critique but everyone agreed they rarely dedicate time for reflective conversations and questioning of their work or others.

“It seems to happen subconsciously most of the time, but today we were given a platform to share, ask questions, consider our work and the work of others in a more focused and constructive way than usual”

Through a presentation by John and a conversation amongst the group, thoughts were raised about what we mean by Critique

Critique – A serious examination and judgement of something

Positive Constructive Feedback

Development Working together Trust and Sharing

Common goals Improve your practice Communication Community

Challenge ideas Reassurance Honesty

Before moving on to the main activity of the day where the group would have the opportunity to Critique one another’s work, John presented some “Do’s and Don’ts for Critique”

DO give your opinion / DON’T presume it’s always right

DO describe your work (show) / DON’T explain it (tell) too much

DO take comments on board / DON’T feel you HAVE to act on

DO express your passion / DON’T get frustrated

DO speak honestly / DON’T hurt people’s feelings

DO get technical / DON’T try to be too clever

DO critique the work / DON’T critique the person

DO critique specifics / DON’T be wishy washy

We then moved into the gallery space to explore the use of positive and negative language, the things we most wanted to hear said about our own work and of course, the things we’d rather not hear.

This exercise encouraged thought about how we wanted our work to be viewed, what was most important to us when we created work and how we wanted our work to be received by others.

post-it notes surrounding the word - positive

Critique Workshop

post-it notes surround the word - negative

Critique Workshop


Young artists sticking post-it notes to the wall

Critique Workshop

As the day continued we moved towards the main exercise of the day.

Each member of the group had been asked prior to the session to bring a piece of work with them, something they would be happy to share with the rest of the group and a piece they would like to be critiqued.

We saw a wide range of work from visual art, performance recordings, jewellery design and products, scripts, websites, blogs, business and project outlines.

A water colour painting of racing dogs

Critique Workshop

Here a picture based on the theme of movement using watercolours.

Greta shared some of her artwork, speaking about her influences, how she approached the images and her opinion of the work.


A piece of jewllery by monique  - one of the young artists

Jewellery by Monique

The image shows of one of Monique’s unique pieces of jewellery.

Monique presented some of her jewellery designs and shared her website with us, Monique spoke about her passion, what inspired her and how she was currently promoting her work and received feedback from the group about her products and overall profile.

Small focused groups were held that supported a sharing of practice and constructive critique.

The group left feeling reassured and supported with a new sense of confidence in sharing their work with others, ideas that could support development and also a perspective other than their own about their work.

A huge thanks to everyone in the group for sharing their work and for leaving themselves open to critique. We saw work at the beginning stages of development, work that was created a year ago and work people desperately wanted to gain feedback, advice and guidance on.

As the months continue on the Young Artist Programme Full Circle Arts will continue to promote those on the YAD programme and their work.

Participants left session 6 with a clear understanding of what Critique is, how and why it is used and the positive benefits to their own practice.

Participants left having taken part in critical discussion, observing and observing positive and negative approaches to critique.

All Participants were given a platform to present their own work, received and contributed to peer critique.

Some comments from the group……….

“ I don’t think I’ve ever had the opportunity to present my work to a group of people before and receive positive and constructive feedback that will help it develop further”          

“ today felt really supportive, it was really interesting to get to know the others more and hear about their work”

“I would not usually show my work as a working progress and think that this has gave me the confidence to take a step back to consider my work”

“It helped motivate me to develop my work further”                

“Was a challenging topic, but because of the presentation and the exercise where we looked at positive and negative ways to critique I think it helped for the main task of critiquing others work”

“Gave me new ideas and direction for my work”

“I have never done anything like this before; it is something that I think I will seek out in the future”

“From the discussions about my work it helped me think of new ways [techniques] to work”

“If we do it again I think that we would go to the next level, have more in-depth critique, we are still getting to know how people react to their work being discussed in this way and see the development of the groups work/projects”

“I received some really useful comments about my work, I feel reassured too”

“I’d like us to do these peer critique sessions again or fit them into future sessions”

Full Circle Arts would like thank Blank Media Collective for hosting this month’s Young Artist Development Session and the group for their ongoing commitment and contribution to this programme.

Next Month we will be hosting our Young Artist Development session at the Zion Arts centre on Saturday 12th November.

We will continue to post info about our sessions here and on twitter.

You are welcome to join us. Professional artists and organisations may have some links, info, opportunities and advice to pass on to the group; other young emerging practitioners are welcome to join the conversation here. Follow@full_circle_art  #fcaYAD



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