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Jared Nessa

October 10, 2011

Over the next few months we will be doing our bit to promote those on the Young Artist Development Programme – please see previous blog posts for further information about the project including the latest write up about the most recent workshop.

Jared Nessa

Jared Nessa, a passionate, enthusiastic results driven individual who occasionally enjoys referring to himself as a third person, is seeking opportunities which expand his experience as a creative practitioner, that draws upon his extensive experience in successful community development. Founder of Creative Change Makers, which comprises of a passionate group of individuals that aim to be a catalyst for change, to design, develop and deliver positive and progressive opportunities. These opportunities & projects will improve the social and cultural environment that we live in through collaborative working with other change makers, such as artists, community practitioners, promoters, photographers and volunteers who use creativity to influence and help the world around them. If you want to find out more, just ask!!! 

There is an art to social change and there are a special few who are at the contemporary creative heart of it. One of our upcoming projects is focused on devising the The Art of Social Change Award which will be developed to recognise & raise the profile of North West based individuals who use creativity to influence the world around them.


Jared’s experience of the project so far…

Being a recent graduate and striding towards developing a foundation called Breaking Barriers to help young people access the arts I have experienced the effects of severe austerity measures within the arts and community work. Not being able to access development support to devise projects or training programmes in order to up skill myself, as I fall under the wrong age group or tick box. I was fortunate to find out about the Full Circle Artist Development programme via their newsletter, it certainly came as a relief having found a programme that was accessible after nearly 2 years of searching for suitable opportunities to strengthen my abilities as a creative practitioner.

Over the short time I have spent on the programme and each time we meet once a month, workshops are delivered to aid our personal & professional development, some workshops I have found to be more relevant than others as is expected. This being said the artists feed into the process of what workshops are scheduled in order to benefit not only as an individual but, as a group. This is complemented by a training budget which each of us have the opportunity to invest in our own personal development. This helps to create a renewed sense of confidence, self worth and direction in striding towards my goals with purpose in every step. The Full Circle Artist Development programme facilitates & inspires you to aspire, breaking down barriers traditionally associated to accessing development programmes such as age, ability and postcode.

Whilst we live in the age of the internet and austerity measures where people speak behind avatars & lead parallel lives, more and more resources are being placed on line with less and less being provided off line. Programmes such as the Full Circle Artist Development Programme provide a rare & invaluable opportunity to enhance your own personal and professional development and adds value whilst offering what no amount of on line resources or automated tools can by creating a real time environment where like-minded individuals can stimulate each other’s meaningful personal and professional development. To date I have created my very first blog, it’s a working progress and in my very first post I ask the most important question of all time which can be viewed at:

Feel free to leave a comment, also I’ve taken advantage of the Personal Development Sessions which are proving invaluable to my professional development and am currently in the process of undertaking an Arts Award Advisor course to help diversify my experience & expand my skill set, should you wish to get in contact, explore a potential collaboration or just chat feel free to email me at

Alternative you can view some our upcoming projects via Facebook;


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