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Full Circle Arts Young Artist Development Programme

September 21, 2011

May 20011 to May 2012

‘A twelve month arts development opportunity for 18 to 30 year olds who want to progress in further arts participation, training, education and a career in the arts”

Session 5 – Saturday September13th

Session 5: again saw us back at BLANKSPACE; Chris and John from Blank Media Collective facilitated another development workshop for those taking part on the Full Circle Arts Young Artist Development Programme.

ideas for an artist profile

Ideas for an artist profile

The session explored The Artist Profile and what that might include with particular focus on building an Artist Statement and the use of social media to profile oneself as an artist or creative practitioner.

The session began with an introduction and a group discussion facilitated by John Leyland at Blank Media Collective.

Young artist development group

Some of the young artists

Questions were asked and the group discussed

  • What is an Artist profile?
  • How is it used?
  • What is it used for?
  • Personal Brand
  • Social Media, twitter, YouTube, Blogs etc…..
  • Artist Statement
  • Describing yourself as an artist or creative practitioner, even if you are just starting out or right at the beginning of your journey.
  • Describing your work
  • Benefits – Can be essential when applying for work/commissions/performance/ opportunities/ training/education opportunities
  • Useful to use on the Internet, building your profile on the web.
  • A good profile will (hopefully) get you noticed
  • Opportunity to talk about yourself and your work/ promotion

The group were presented with a variety of Artist’s Statements and were asked to consider: style, content, purpose, what worked and what didn’t work.

Individuals then began planning their own Artists Statements, using all information and the Top Ten Tips that they had received during the session.

Top Ten Tips for creating an Artists Statement

  • Be concise
  • Show don’t Tell
  • Think about your target audience
  • Be honest and truthful to yourself and your work
  • Always update it and keep it developing (it should be a work in progress and a mirror for your own creative journey)
  • Ask yourself questions and spend time thinking about your work/life/ambitions
  • Find the Unique Selling Point in your work and your approach (the language will follow)
  • Try and gather quotes about you/your work
  • Avoid Cliques (like the plague!) and watch out for too much jargon
  • Remember: Art is subjective (there is no right answer!)
artist statement

Planning the artist statement

Planning the artist statement

Planning the artist statement

Full Circle Arts would like thank Blank Media Collective for hosting this month’s Young Artist Development Session.

blankmedia logo

Blankmedia logo

We will be back at BLANKSPACE again in October, next time

“ Critique ”

We will continue to post info about our sessions on twitter. You are welcome to join us. Professional artists and organisations may have some links, info, opportunities and advice to pass on to the group; other young emerging practitioners are welcome to join the conversation here.

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Watch this space!



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