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September 14, 2011
Alpha-ville 2011: International Festival of Post-digital Culture

London, 22-25 September 2011

“The idea that digital is something new and transformative is now quite old. So the question for most creatives is not about going digital – it’s about making it feel less digital, about making participation and interaction feel post-digital; making the tech less techy.” (Tom Uglow, Director of Creative Labs at Google notes)

Alpha-ville festival explores the intersection between art, technology and society and for this edition we are collaborating with various venues and spaces in London… bring along an extensive 4-day event featuring social media art, kinect art, interactive installations, open labs, workshops, performances, screenings, live music & A/V shows, a one-day symposium and more!

The 2011 edition provides an online and live platform to explore, test and disseminate new ideas, emerging trends, collaborations and groundbreaking works. Running from 22-25 September and taking place alongside the London Design Festival, the 2011 edition enables a network of satellite events spreading across different London boroughs and links with other European cities such as Madrid (Twin Gallery) and Brussels & The Hague (Todays Art).

The festival programme also connects east and west London thorough a link with the V&A Digital Design Weekend.

Read more on the following websites:

Main website:

Article on Arts Hub:
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