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Mood Lamp Workshops – Get Involved!

September 9, 2011

What are you doing on 22nd Oct or 23rd Oct? What, no plans? 
Then come and join us at Manchester Art Gallery and make your very own mood lamp! 

A picture of mood lamps powered by old phone chargers

Stu, our Tinkerer In-Residence is facilitating some exciting workshops in the Manchester Art Gallery education suite on 22nd and 23rd October.

You’ll be making your own mini mood lamp styled by you using an old bike wheel and powered using your old phone charger. 

Be ready to take some paper, wire, LED’s and electronics to turn your useless old phone charger into a lamp.


You will need to come with an old mobile phone charger. If you haven’t got one don’t worry, we’ll have a few lying around.

There is no upper age limit so all those of you who want to experiment in electronics and art using recycled materials come and have a go! 

For younger visitors: Grown ups will be needed to help with snipping and stripping wires. No soldering is involved but you may need to use some pliers and cutters. You’ll also need your maths head on to do some voltage calculations but don’t worry Stuart will be on hand to help with it all.

Safety: there is no soldering involved in this workshop but there may be sharp things in use. Recommended age for this session is 8 years and older however all age recommendations are guidance’s and you may bring younger children but you might find that they need more help or are unable to do some parts for themselves.

If you’re interested in joining us drop Jade an email to book your place: 


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