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The Inclusion Project – An update

August 26, 2011

What does inclusion mean to you?

So far we’ve received over 30 postcards from people letting us know what inclusion means to them.


(Image: A photo of some postcards and the travelling post box)
Here are some examples:
“giving everyone, no matter what their background, an equal opportunity to participate in / get interested in / enjoy a particular activity or event “– Nazeea Elahi
” Inclusion means the freedom of expression.” – Sonny J. Barker
“Inclusion = Being respected but not patronised. Being welcomed. Feeling ok about getting involved.” – Marcelle Holt
“Inclusion is…
Something to be treasured.”
We have even received a card all the way from Taiwan! It says:

“Inclusion for me is a kind of engagement. Everyone doesn’t feel abandoned and lost in a group, an association and even a country. What if one day the moon is no longer shown at night? Jimmy Liao, a famous illustrator in Taiwan, created this image to comfort those who are eager to find the moon back. That’s my thought for inclusion as well.” –  Ya-Chu (Tracy) Lee
If you want to let us know what your idea of inclusion is please do so by dropping us a postcard to: 7 Schoolhouse, Second Ave, Trafford Park Village, Manchester, M17 1DZ or a digital one to
To see further examples join our Facebook group:

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