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Full Circle Arts Young Artist Development Programme

August 2, 2011

May 2011 to May 2012

‘A twelve month arts development opportunity for 18 to 30 year olds who want to progress in further arts participation, training, education and a career in the arts”

Session 3

Professional Development and Idea Generation

Facilitated by Rivca Rubin –

On the 9th July 2011, the group on the Young Artist Development Programme met once again at the Zion Arts Centre.

This time to explore dreams, future goals, realities and specific ways forward. The group were introduced to techniques that would support their thinking around future development and peer support.

A picture of a red figure with the word 'dreamer' underneath hima picture of a blue character with the words 'realist' underneath hima picture of a red character with the word 'evaluator' underneath him

One exercise we participated in was adapted from The Walt Disney Model, three different areas were created within the room for the three different thinking perspectives.


Rivca introduced the exercise to the group, they began with considering something they wanted to achieve, a dream, a future goal.


DREAMER: Ideas Without Limitations: the starting point, ideas that excite me, aspirations, blue sky thinking, the dream.


REALIST: Plans & Actions: how the dream can be made into a reality, this practical space is to identify what resources are needed. Pragmatic, Realistic and Practical.


EVALUATOR: Questions & Considerations: evaluating the work of the dreamer and realist, safe testing, questioning impact and benefits, timing, need.


After two rounds, the group were left with a more realistic and specific goal that had been considered in much more detail. Action points had been identified. We considered the thinking perspectives we felt most comfortable with, the areas we felt least comfortable with and the risk involved with not dividing our focus amongst all three thinking perspectives.


Rivca also took the group through a ‘Compelling Future’ exercise and a ‘Focus of Attention’ both encouraged imagination, a shift in thinking, identified solutions and steps of action. All exercises encouraged peer support and the group felt they would use these techniques in the future.

the young people on the development programme

Our Next Session on Saturday 13th August we will be back at BLANKSPACE…….

blank media logo

the day will take an in depth look into BLOGGING. In the afternoon those who are taking the Silver Arts Award will again meet their Arts Award Advisers.

You can be part of the conversation, Full Circle Arts have created a twitter # for the Young Artist Development Programme, you can follow at @full_circle_art #fcaYAD

We will also be posting info about our sessions on twitter. You are welcome to join us. Professional artists and organisations may have some links, info, opportunities and advice to pass on to the group, other young emerging practitioners are welcome to join the conversation here. Follow @full_circle_art  #fcaYAD

A word from Adam Lee

Adam Lee

I am a freelance photographer and facilitator based in Liverpool. My personal work centres on documentary photography and I am interested in lifestyles, cultures and identity.  Aside form my personal work much of my practice concerns working with disabled people, through the delivery of participatory workshops, photographing events for organisations such as DaDa (Disability and Deaf Arts) and though my work as a student support worker for John Moores University.

I was attracted to working as an Arts Award Adviser on the inclusive Young Artists Development Programme, as I have wanted to expand my support practice to working with people on a one to one basis. I am keen to use my mentoring skills to help others develop their personal work, professional development and work alongside students to plan, execute and deliver projects. I feel that through working with others on tasks such as these, they can also help development my own skills in these areas.

So far on the Young Artist Development, programme I have been working with a participant who has chosen to take the Silver Arts Award along side the overall programme. He is also a photographer. The first session was really fun; we just talked photography for two hours! In the following session we began to look at how the participant might be able to challenge himself with regards to his professional practice. I was very interested to hear that he really wanted to become more confident in speaking to people he didn’t know. At first glace this might not seem to be a “photographic” skill, but after discussion it seemed that the ability to converse is highly important to photographers. As the participant is interested in studio and documentary photography, we agreed that the ability to make subjects feel comfortable and at ease is essential to producing good pictures.  We have now drawn up a time line for the completion of this mini project and I am very much looking forward to seeing how he is getting on when we next meet.

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