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Full Circle Arts – Young Artist Development programme.

June 16, 2011

“A twelve month development opportunity for 18 to 30 years olds at any stage in the arts, interested in pursing further arts participation, education, training, or a career in the arts”

A catch up on the first two Young Artist Development Sessions:

After months of hard work, planning, drawing timelines on the floor, fighting off ant attacks and lots and lots of post-its notes; May saw the start of our 12 month long Young Artist Development Programme.

10 young artists from various arts forms, all with a wealth of different experiences came together at the Zion Arts Centre to start their journey or exploration and development.

Young artist development participants all sat around the table.

Young artist development participants all sat around the table.

This session was the first chance for all the artists to get together and gave them the opportunity to find a bit about each other, what their interest are and their current involvement in the arts.

Once the introductions were out the way it was down to the task at hand, down to business. In good old Full Circles fashion out came the flip chart paper and posits notes (Here at Full Circle Arts we feel its our duty to keep the post-it industry in business).

The different things that were talked about.

o   What they expect from the YAD

o   The programme

o   Each other

o   The Arts and networks

o   Where we are now? A self reflection exercise

An image of brightly coloured sticky notes

Young artist development programme

To be able to assess what areas we would want to develop in and gain new experiences, we should take time to look back over our journey so far; what we have experienced, what has helped influenced our own arts practice in the past to help us get to the point where we are today.

Using myself as the Guinea pig Vicki drew out my journey, looking at where I am now, finding the starting point of this journey and all the different experiences I have had to get me to this point.

A timeline drawn in red pen on paper

Plotting a journey

Then it was over to the artists to start drawing their own journey. I think at times we all naturally have a tendency not to acknowledge the difference experiences, networks or skills that we all have gathered and this exercise challenged the artists to think about these and celebrate their achievements.

Once we had all finished our own pieces of art (our journey), the group were able to share their journey with the rest of the group, not the easiest thing to do with a group that you have only recently met! However everyone took part in re-telling their story’s and allowed for the group to know more about each over and gave us a little more understanding on what individually people want to achieve from the programme.

Artists commented how useful this task had been, that it’s rare that time is given for self reflection on the past, identifying key moments, successes, values and support we’ve had along the way.

 And on to our second session!

The month of May flew by and soon enough the group of artists were back together, this time finding their way to the BlANKSPACE, home of the Blank Media Collective.

Blank Media Collective logo

Blank Media Collective

For those who may be new to Blank Media the Collective is run by a group of volunteers who, with their combined experiences and skills come together to support emerging artists in various arts forms in a range of different ways.

This session also kicked off the first of a number of training sessions that Blank Media will be running during the programme for us, with this session being facilitated by Chris Leyland (BMC’s Community Arts Coordinator) & Mark Devereux (BMC’s Director).

And a big thanks to them for all the work they have out in!

A photo of the of the group

Young artist development programme

After the group were given a quick introduction to both Chris and Marks own arts practice the artists were introduced to the work of Edward De Bono and his work that outlines various ways of thinking which De Bono dubbed the Six Thinking Hats. Something totally new to myself as well as the group, with the artist were introduced to the Idea of White Cap thinking, the artists were asked to think about just the facts about themselves (i.e. age, art practice, likes etc), something that will should hopefully help the artists when they come to look at profiling themselves.


An image of the group taking part in a workshop

Young artist development programme

After a quick lunch break and everyone had been fed and watered, the group moved on to looking at the documenting of work.

In the early planning of the work we felt that there are generic areas for training that we felt would be beneficial to artists creating work in all formats, with documenting being one of them. With examples from Chris’s own practice the group looked at documenting through photography and how having your work documented in this way can be vital for securing future commissions and work.

The final area that Blank Media covered was bogging, looking at what blogging is and how to set one up, something that will feature at a further date with the artists being encouraged to document their own learning and journeys as well as the progression of the Artist Development Programme itself.

The final part of the day saw those taking the Arts Award meet with their Arts Award Adviser for the first time and those not taking the Arts Award met with Vicki for a PDP session.

This session scratched the service for what will be looked at over the next year, introducing ideas, and ways of practice that should help artists develop their own work in the future.


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