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Stronger Together

June 14, 2011


We have just got our tickets for Stronger Together – A national conversation about collaboration, sharing & working in partnership in the arts. It’s being live streamed at Cornerhouse Manchester on 29th June. 

The Northern Stage and Pilot Theatre will host an afternoon in Newcastle of creative thinking to inspire and provoke. Together with Cornerhouse, Watershed and other venues across the UK will also attempt to make the conference a national event, without everybody having to convene to one place, using live streaming from Newcastle and events in each venue.

Are we prepared to give up some individual autonomy in order to innovate together? How do we shift the debate from efficiencies to sustained creative action? What models of collaboration and sharing can we celebrate and learn from? Is there a limit to the value of working together?

If you are an artist, producer, curator, facilitator, activist or strategist, we hope you will join the conversation in Newcastle, Manchester, Bristol and more…. There will also be opportunities to get involved online. Watch this space!

From Newcastle, we will be stirred, provoked, motivated and challenged by, amongst others, Kate McGrath (Fuel), Katherine Zeserson (Sing Up/SageGateshead), Alan Lane (SlungLow), Maria Balshaw (Whitworth and Manchester Galleries), Lyn Gardner (The Guardian),  Streetwise Opera and more…

Participants in Cornerhouse will discuss and debate the issues alongside partners from other venues in Manchester and feedback thinking via the live stream.

Supported by Arts Council North East, this is a rare opportunity to inform cultural policy, stimulate debate, share experience and meet some future collaborators.

To book your tickets visit:


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