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Our Tinkerer in Residence – Stu Childs

April 21, 2011

An update from our Tinkerer in Residence – Stu Childs

In the two years or so that I’ve known Full Circle Arts lots of things have changed – for arts organisations, RFOs, charities, freelancers, creative practitioners and so forth. As we know from Pilot Theatre’s annual conference – Shift Happens – and I thought it would be pertinent to look at how Full Circle could deal with this shift and continue their work as a leading arts organisation in the North West.

Chrissy asked me if I would come along to be their Tinkerer in Residence – and so I’ve spent a few days working alongside them in their office to see how they work and what they are wanting to do in the future.

Tinkering often leads to disruption of some sort – and I managed to convince the team to take a big desk out into the sunshine to conduct a discussion / meeting / drawing session. I’ve also sent them out on secret missions today and asked them to report back – on their new Posterous – Dealing with shift means being open to change – and not being afraid to experiment and talk about new experiences.

Following the sunshine meeting (highly recommended) we had lots of ideas and plans to action. My tinkering now has a direction – we’ll be investigating what it’s like to work from public spaces rather than traditional office spaces. With tech, the developing internet and communication tools we think that the traditional office as we know it could become redundant for certain types of organisation and work. More to come soon.

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