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March 25, 2011

Sign Video

Our R&D project testing the use of SignVideo as an on demand service for Deaf customers with Cornerhouse is well underway. Many thanks to the Deaf users and Thomas at Cornerhouse who took us on an informative and very enjoyable tour of Carey Young : Memento Park. SignVideo is also being tested as a walk in service for box office enquiries and bookings and for use in artists’ talks. A full evaluation and report will be published in April.
SignVideo testers at Cornerhouse, looking at Carey Young's  artwork.

Tedx Observer Jade went to see the Tedx Observer event live streamed to the Zion Arts Centre on Saturday. “It was a great day with brilliant, inspiring and fascinating speakers. I would recommend it to anyone who gets a chance to go a TEDx event.”

Chris and Jade are attending the I-Docs symposium at the Bristol Watershed today:
A lab/symposium dedicated to the rapidly evolving field of interactive documentary.
“We are particularly looking forward to the keynote speech by Matt Adams from Blast Theory talking about playing with reality. Hopefully we’ll get some great ideas for our projects coming up.”

Planning for our Young Artist Development programme

Thanks to all who submitted applications and proposals to be involved in this year’s Young Artist Development programme.
We have recruited Arts Advisers and Mentors and are currently programming training and development workshops.

Vicki and  Michael writing on a long piece of paper on the floor in FCA's officeSource Young Artist will begin on 7th May 2011
We are now looking for the team of Young Artists.
If you are 18 to 30, a disabled person with a keen interest and commitment in the arts, then this project might be for you.
Source Young Artists is a twelve-month intensive development service for young disabled people with a keen interest and commitment in pursuing further arts participation. Whether it is in training, education or moving towards a career in the arts, the service aims to increase young people’s knowledge, skills, networks and experience in the arts to help them follow their ambitions.

SYA Mission:
To offer an alternative arts development experience that will build on the competence of young disabled people wanting to progress in the arts, and encourage a real and sustainable future for their involvement within the arts and creative industries as participants, young leaders, emerging artists and arts practitioners.

SYA Offers:
•Service Briefing/Introduction
•Pre-service assessment (personal development/individual planning)
•Ongoing review and support through group meetings
•Mentoring and or Arts Award Advisor
•Training and Development workshops
•Opportunity to gain work shadowing/experience
•Silver Arts Award process or/and accreditation

At this point we would like to hear from individuals who would be interested in taking part in the Source Young Artist programme. If you feel you have any students that may be interested in this opportunity please do not hesitate to get in contact with to discuss this project or forward this information on to those you think might be interested.

We would be happy to visit your school/college/centre to discuss this project with your students.

For more information and for an evaluation on the previous Source Young Artist project please follow link:

Mari’s weekly update

Sometimes, it feels like I practically live at Cornerhouse. Last week in particular, I was there quite a lot – for work as well as for pleasure; I tagged along to see SignVideo in action both on 14th and 17th. Loved the Carey Young: Memento Park exhibition and also very excited about the potential of SignVideo. Speaking of excitement, I think some of us were a little too excited about the appearance of Submarine director and IT Crowd actor Richard Ayoade at Cornerhouse! (eh, Vicki?)

This week I visited Platt Hall Gallery of Costume to have a look at their accessible facilities. There are limits as to what they can do with their listed building, but the staff there are a friendly and accommodating bunch, and they’d be happy to do what they can to meet visitors’ needs. Just let them know of any specific requirements before you pop in! More detailed info to come on our new website, where an updated and comprehensive Accessible Venues Guide will tell you everything you need to know about arts venues in Manchester (and beyond).

A couple of exhibitions I went to this week:
No Offence Intended at BlankSpace, where a team of young artists from MMU explore the notion of religion through their contemporary practices

& Surgery of Dreams, an exhibition by artist (and ex-housemate!) Michael Mayhew, which can be seen at Blackwell’s Bookshop at the Unviersity Precinct Centre. Following a launch party and viewing on March 17th, the exhibition will be found around all three floors of the bookshop and will run until April 20th.

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