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Mari’s weekly update

March 11, 2011

Just a quick update this week!

Things I’ve been up to in the last couple of weeks:

Mari at her desk

Mari at her desk

1, Collecting info. I’ve been collecting information for our Accessible Venues database. I met with Suzanne from Salford Uni’s Chapman Gallery and John from greenroom. Exciting news that the Chapman will be closing its doors in the summer but reopening in a brand new building in Media City where the venue should be fully accessible. Looking forward to hearing more about that! and also looking forward to developing FCA’s relationship with greenroom, who I hope will be getting involved with our SYA programme.

2, Networking. Lots of networking events happening at the same time! Vicki and I went along to Women In The Creative Industries (WICI) on 2nd March, organised by Cat Teague and hosted by BlankSpace. Great event! and hope it’ll become a regular entry in our calendar. On 7th March Jade and I went along to Rain Bar to say hello to the guys at the Creative Industries Networking Group (CING), where there was a really good turn out of people from all sorts of creative backgrounds. Tonight is the turn of Manchester Young Creatives (MYC), who will be meeting at Band on the Wall from 5pm onwards. Be there!

3. Learning. Jade and I attended a workshop on ‘data-driven innovation’ run by the Knowledge Transfer Network at CUBE on 4th March, where we learned lots about difficult data-based (pun fully intended!) things we previously knew nothing about. Met some lovely people there and got some great ideas for our new website, too!


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