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Full Circle Arts and Young Artist Development

January 31, 2011

Full Circle Arts are currently planning another Source Young Artist development programme. This programme of activity will begin in May 2011 and continue until May 2012.

Young person dancing while participating on the AIM project

Participant dancing during the AIM project

The service falls under our existing Artist Development services and is open to disabled 18 to 30 year olds who have a keen interest in pursuing the arts, developing skills, increasing knowledge and gaining experience.

Suited to individuals who have identified goals and demonstrated self-management and commitment around their own learning.

Silver Arts Award and other accredited training will be offered through this programme of work.

Full Circle Arts are looking for interested parties who can support this project

  • Partnerships: Are you an arts organisation who can provide work experience or work shadowing opportunities for Source Young Artists?
  • Training Providers: Are you an arts organisation or individual who currently offer inclusive arts training and development workshops, or could you design a training package appropriate to our scheme and the needs of Source Young Artists?
  • Promoters: Are you a school, college, youth organisation or individual working with young disabled people who would be interested in this project?
  • Freelancers: Are you an artist who could support this project either by volunteering as a mentor or becoming an arts award advisor (paid freelance opportunity)
  • Source Young Artists: Are you a disabled person age 18 to 30 who is interested in pursuing the arts and can commit to a twelve month development programme that would guarantee you new skills, networks and experience in the arts?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions we would be interested to hear from you. Send email to


  • Partnerships
  • Training Provider
  • Promoter
  • Freelancer
  • Source Young Artist

and state how you’d like to be involved.

Watch this space: We will be adding further information about the Source Young Artist programme over the next couple of months.

For information about our last SYA programme visit

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