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First blog post from the new kids on the block. What to write…?

January 21, 2011

Just coming to the end of week two with FCA, and I notice our ‘Supreme Digital Social Media Overlord’ (as she likes to call herself) has already made our presence known in the digital world via blogs and tweets and newsletters and every other means of communication. Michael and myself certainly feel welcomed! and are fast becoming part of the team.

Things I’m doing now: mainly updating the deets on the ‘arts venues’ contacts database. It is taking an age.

Green TeapotThings I’ve learned: how to tweet! It was bizarrely deemed necessary by the team that the Digital Media Assistant should, perhaps, know how to do this!

Things that make me happy: so many of us here are massive tea-drinkers that we’ve now taken to using a teapot. If anyone is a dab hand at knitting, do feel free to make us a cute little tea cosy to keep our pot warm.

Now you write something, Michael!


Ok my turn…

Firstly, I would like to echo Mari’s thoughts and thank the team for making us feel welcome, while bravely fighting their way through the Arts Council FundingVicki looking at work plans application!

Like Mari, I’m updating and compiling a database of contacts within the Education sector, trying to spread the message of Full Circle far and wide. Schools are popping up everywhere!!

Things I’ve learned (and will try to learn): Well, unfortunately I’m slightly behind Mari in the Tweeting business, but will spend this weekend trying to remember the username and password to the account I created over Christmas. On a better note, I can now make a cup of tea (though the tea pot is a bit beyond my technical skills, so I’ll leave it to Mari).


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