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Things that let us know we’re doing our job well…

December 13, 2010

an image of word - collaboration, the journey, partnerships, shifts in thinking We received a letter last week from the mother of one of our young people Jenny. Jenny is passionate about dance and we supported her through mentoring and one to one professional development/coaching sessions and then group sessions to help found her own company. Jenny identifies herself as learning disabled, she has Down’s Syndrome. You can read Jenny’s story of how we supported her determination and passion and her journey to build her own dance company here.

Here is what Jenny’s mum wrote…
“……….the essence of your involvement with both Jenny and DanceSyndrome has been your belief from the start.  You were the first organisation who took us seriously, who supported Jen’s desire to have a life of her choosing.  You affirmed that she should be supported and encouraged her to believe in herself, to recognise where she was in her life and what she had achieved in spite of all the barriers put in her way and dead ends which led nowhere. You helped her to find practical support in the form of a mentor, worked with her as a partner, believed in her goals and helped her to see the next steps on her path.  You also spelt out some realities, that nobody could or would seriously invest in her if she did not invest in herself.  She is now playing an active role in running her own dance company having found 14 other dancers to work regularly with and attending training one day a week in Hertfordshire, accessing exercise opportunities whenever possible and encouraging others to move forward with their lives.  These are really exciting outcomes but lots of further help and encouragement will still be needed to achieve end goals – but they are definitely closer, a lot closer than they were 2 years ago.  It’s invaluable to know that Full Circle are there and continue to support”.

Sue Blackwell – (Jenny’s Mum)

Here’s what Paul say’s about our Mentoring Service:

source young artists laughingI’ve gained exposure, confidence and the feedback has helped me develop my work.
Another benefit of it is I’m not ready or don’t feel confident to go into formal learning, so here with mentoring I can learn and develop in an informal way that suits me.

Paul – Mentee

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