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Abandoning Normal Devices – Monique’s write up

October 8, 2010

If you’ve been following @full_circle_art on Twitter you will already know what an amazing, thought provoking, creative and inspirational week we’ve been having. Yes, between us, we’ve been to practically everything at ANDfest and are still buzzing on the experience.

We were particularly delighted to see our young people articulately describing their work with Sancho Plan at the Interact opening and to see some working as volunteers at the festival having huge fun while gaining invaluable experience. To see our views on the whole wonderful experience come back here next week, we will have had time to recover, absorb and reflect!

In the meantime here’s what Monique, a Source: Young Artist, thought about her week volunteering along with her photos documenting the week:

“My name is Monique and I was one of the creative producers on the Interact project which was a very popular exhibition, shown at the AND festival in Cube Gallery between the 1st and 7th

An image showing small screens on the wall with wires hanging from them

The Recorders exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery



Doing volunteering for the AND festival has mostly been a blast, there was so much for us all to do in the many venues that the work was shown.

I have been able to do many roles as a volunteer from being an usher at the cinema to documenting and interviewing.

I have met so many lovely new people and the festival itself has broadened my horizon of art and as a bonus of being a volunteer I have been able to meet and speak with many of the artists.

An image showing people dressed as astronauts

Designed Disorder at CUBE Gallery

The best experience I have had as a volunteer is meeting the artists, free entry to films and the parties 🙂 There were not many bad moments at all really, except the weather.


One moment that does stand out was when another volunteer broke one of the exhibitions. Another artist and myself witnessed the incident. I had to explain to the gallery staff what happened, while at the same time trying not to get the volunteer or anyone else into any more trouble. The exhibition was fixed minutes later by the staff at the gallery but that moment was so awkward.

This was my first time volunteering and other than the above incident it was brilliant and I would definitely do it again.”

To see more of Monique’s photographs visit our Flickr account.

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