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Vote for The EyeWriter

March 4, 2010

the eyewriterIf you have participated in FutureEverything in the past PLEASE VOTE for the Eyewriter for the Future Everything Award

The EyeWriter is a low-cost, open source, creative technology and communication tool for people with paralysis caused by neuromuscular diseases like ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Multiple Dystrophy, stroke, severe brain trauma, and similar illnesses and injuries.

Tony Quan, a legendary LA graffiti artists, who has been living with ALS since 2003. Tony, or TemptOne as he was known in the streets, is unable to move any part of his body: he cannot talk, eat or even breathe on his own, but his mind is lucid and wide-awake. And he can still move his eyes. In 2009, 5 artists traveled from around the world to meet-up with Tony, and his friends in LA, to work together to develop a tool so he could again make art using only the movement of his eyes. After two trips to LA, supported by private contributions from Mick and Caskey Ebeling, a small budget from Parsons School of Design and our own personal resources, the EyeWriter 1.0 was created. Existing systems that enable patients with “locked-in syndrome” to communicate or control a computer with their eyes, cost ten to twenty thousand dollars. The EyeWriter costs around $50 US dollars, uses free and open source software and the hardware is
completely DIY. With the EyeWriter, Tony can once again create graffiti art in his hospital bed in Alhambra, California.
Imagine what it could do for so many more!

Please go to: and vote for The Eyewriter.

Winning this award will help them continue development and expand their reach to helping more creative minds communicate and express themselves, regardless of their nueromuscular ailment or socio-economic status.

For more information on the eyewriter, go to

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