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It’s all change at the FCA HQ

November 18, 2009

Kathryn B, our Arts Project Officer, is leaving after 3 years for the sunnier climate of NewKathryn B sat her desk, waving Zealand and Ray, our Administrator, has retired. You can see a photo of Kathryn to the right, and a photo of Ray below.

Ray’s replacement is Kathryn W who works on Mondays and Thursdays. You can contact Kathryn W via her email address: kathrynw ‘at’

We like to welcome Kathryn W to Full Circle Arts and we hope you’ll enjoy working here. Watch this space to find out more information (gossip) about Kathryn W.

Ray enjoying a glass of wine at his leaving do To celebrate Ray working for Full Circle Arts for 14 years we all went out to eat and to see a band at the re-furbished Band on the Wall.

We had a brilliant night and then the following week we had a tea party for him in the office and presented him with gifts so he won’t forget us.

We’d all like to wish Kathryn B the best of luck on her travels and we’re very jealous that she’ll be in the sunshine on a beach for Christmas!

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