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We’re Off…

July 20, 2009


Today was day one of our annual summer arts project with young disabled people. We’re at the Zion Centre, using most of their space this week, with a huge number of young disabled people from all over Greater Manchester. In the past, when we have done participatory projects – well, they happen and then they are documented. This time, we thought we’d have a try at getting something up on-line as it happens (well almost!)

So please forgive our mistakes, they will happen, this is trial and error and all comments and suggestions will be gratefully received. The important part is the process – and making sure every young person is ‘included’ on their own terms, with a huge sense of possibility and ambition.

The young people are working with fourteen artists doing; drama, animation & stop motion, photography, dance, music, visual arts and digital Graffiti.

Hopefully as the week goes on you will see the young people’s work up here each day in its stages of progression. For now, we have a couple of pictures from the first hour of our project below… and if you click to the right on our Flickr account you’ll find a few more.

getting started

getting started

waiting for artists to arrive

waiting for artists to arrive

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