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A Casino, A Caf’ and a Kiss

July 16, 2009

This last week or so has been a time of memories awakened. All down to MIF 09. First there was Jeremy Deller’s procession – the funeral cortege – Wigan Casino, a misspent youth, and Valerie’s caf’ from Bury market a regular spot 20 yrs ago with my 2 then very young sons.

RIP Wigan Casino

RIP Wigan Casino

Valerie's caf

The big one was It Felt Like a Kiss. – Punchdrunk created an unsettling and uneasy world with incredible attention to detail, including items that felt like they were borrowed from my childhood, the dining chairs, the clock on the wall, the hair dryer. Familiar, comfortable items and smells laid together with the chilling underbelly items and smells showing decay, poverty, misfits, conspiracies, torture. Immersed and uneasy in this world, we watched Adam Curtis’s film. Curtis said “ I decided to make a film about something that has always fascinated me – how power really works in the world. To show that power is exercised not just through politics and diplomacy – but flows through our feelings and emotions, and shapes the way we think of ourselves and the world”.
Adam Curtis and Punchdrunk certainly reawakened those feelings and emotions that shaped my world and lay bear the menace, uncertainty and fear that runs beneath the surface. They hit me and It Felt Like a Kiss. …It’s a long, lingering kiss.

Stills from It Felt Like a Kiss

Stills from It Felt Like a Kiss

If you missed the procession get yourself along to the Cornerhouse and see Procession an Exhibition

If you missed or haven’t got tickets (returns only) for It felt Like a Kiss you can catch a small flavour at Adam Curtis’s blog on the BBC website

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