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Our Team Day

July 10, 2009

Today is our staff ‘Team Day’. As part of our journey of change we are trying to incorporate Web2 or the Social web into our whole business. This means not just signing up to Twitter, Facebook etc but using these as a way of opening up our conversations with you. This is not just the remit of one person at Full Circle but of everyone. So at our team days, we play and experiment with ‘tools’ that help us to be both more open ‘out’ to you and to be open ‘in’ to allow you to contribute.

In a later post I will provide links to sites we have where our users, contributers, young people, artists, friends have already been contributing.

In todays staff day, everyone will be playing with our fickr, vimeo, vodpod and Twitter accounts. We now include a TED presentation in our day – to inspire and enthuse us. At our last Team day we watched Clay Shirky, which I will also discuss later. Today we will be watching Sir Ken Robinson, if you have never seen this talk – its a must – not only spot on about creativity and education, but amusing and entertaining with it.

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